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Here's my list. Everything is on CDR. Most material are copies of "official" bootleg ablums (digitally copied of course). Hopefully, one day I will have links to setlists for each song.

Want List:

Along with pretty much any CDR of good quality of the artists listed below, I'm particularly looking for the following artists and shows:

Sarah McLachlan - especially early material
Talking Heads
David Byrne
Susanne Vega
Heather Nova


10,000 Maniacs
Tori Amos
David Byrne
Michael Brecker Band
Eric Clapton
Phil Collins
Sheryl Crow
Peter Gabriel
Sarah McLachlan
Natalie Merchant
Pink Floyd
Talking Heads
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Suzanna Vega
Roger Waters
The Who

Note: Many of the links to the track listings for individual titles are made to other fans' discographies linked to in my "Trading Links" section.

10,000 Maniacs

Scarlet Garden June 10, 1993 St. Louis, MO A+ 2 CD
Last Days in Eden May 23, 1993 Seattle A-  
Cool White Stare July 31, 1988 Sadlers Wells Theatre A+  

Tori Amos

Title Date Venue Grade Notes
Blooming August 16, 1992 West Palm Beach, Florida B Audience recording.
The Piano
L'affaire D'amoreuse
October 28, 1992 Phoenix Theater, Toronto A Excellent
Tori Stories       4 CD
After the Rain Sept 4, 1992 Toronto A  
Instore March, 13, 1994 Tokyo   In store
Berlin 96 March 25, 1996 Berlin ?  
Bells For Her November 8, 1994 St. Denis, Montreal, Canada A  
Dew Drop Inn Boulder November 16, 1996 Boulder, CO A- 2 CD Coming Soon
Phoenix April 28, 1998 Toronto A+* 2 CD (*the last 2 songs on the first disc has significant diginoise, but this is present on the original bootleg)

Barenaked Ladies

Ogden Theater Feb. 18, 1995 Denver, CO A 2 CD (from tape, but you wouldn't know it)

Michael Brecker Band

Live 1989 ? A+  

David Byrne

No Titles Please October 2, 1994 Stockholm, Sweden A-  
A Head Talks Alone March 24, 1992 New York, Brooklyn's Chruch A+  

Sheryl Crow

Leaving Nashville 1993 Dec. 15, 1993 Nashville? A-  
All I Wanna Do May 6, 1994      
Live In Atlanta     A  
Run, Baby, Run 1994?   A  

Eric Clapton

100th Show Feb. 28, 1994 London A- 2 CD
Best of Tour '74 July 14, 1974 Capital Centre, Largo, MD A 2 CD
We All Came Down to Montreaux December 7, 1986 Montreaux   2 CD

Phil Collins

  1982 ? A radio show


Sweet Revenge 1986, 1988 Europe A  

Peter Gabriel

Live To Be Loved April 13, 1993 Stolkholm, Germany A- 2 CD
No Self Control Sept. 18, 1997 Verona Italy B 2 CD
Live at the Roxy April 9, 1977 New York City A- Also have DAT to trade
Digging in Europe May 27, 1993 Rotterdam, The Netherlands A  
So Alive June 15, 1986
April 16, 1990
May 9, 1991
East Rutherford "Giants Stadium"
The Second Mandela Concert
Den Haag "Statenhal"
Music Without Frontiers October 1987 Athene "Lycavitos" A-  
From Genesis To... Various Various A  

Billy Joel

Welcome To the Show 1992   A+ 2 CD
After the Flood 1994 Europe    

Sarah McLachlan

Touch of an Angel March 18, 1989 Vancouver, Canada B+ Quality not great, but to hear
her from so long ago...
(from tape)
  April 1992 Boston, MA A- some radio static in spots on disc 2
(from tape) (2 CD)
Town Hall March 25, 1994 New York City A- 2 CD
The Ultimate Experience April 10, 1994 Montreal, L'Olympia Theater A-  
Ecstacy of Fumbling July 20, 1994 Nashville, TN A- (2 CD) I like this show a lot.
Aqualung Dec 5, 1994 Madrid, Spain A- Short show (30 min)
Under a Blackened Sky March 8, 1995 Denver, Colorado A FM broadcast
Drawn to the Rythm March 27. 1995 Shea's, Bufallo A- 2 CD
Pressed Up Against the Glass March 30, 1995 Northrup Auditorium,
Minneapolis, Minnasota
Unplugged and More Fall 1995
Spring 1995
Nov. 27, 1993
New York City
A+ Soundboard
A Private Session Spring 1995 Toronto A+ Part of Unplugged and More
with all interviews
Westwood One March 11, 1996   A  
Instore Dec. 15, 1996 Vancouver?   Virgin Records instore performance
Building A Mystery July 1, 1997
November 8, 1992
Toronto, Canada A  
Lilith Fair at the Gorge July 5, 1997 George, Washington B+  
Lilith Fair at Irvine Meadows July 9, 1997 Irvine, CA B+  
Lilith Fair at Desert Sky +
Mountain Stage Performance
July 10, 1997
Phoenix, AZ
Intimate and Interactive July 21, 1997 Much Music TV A Interview questions
edited out
Lilith Fair at Vancouver August 24, 1997 Vancouver, BC B+  
Lilith Fair at Toronto PPV Nov. 28, 1997 Toronto A Various Artists
Ravages of Spirit Nov. 5, 1997 Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN A- (2 CD)
Basted in Blood November 9, 1997 Northrup Auditorium,
Minneapolis, MN
A- 2 CD
Close Your Eyes Nov. 17, 1997 Vancouver, BC A- 2 CD
Live at the Paramount December 1, 1997 Oakland A- 2 CD
Beyond Reality Various Various A-  
Storyteller Jan. 29, 1998 Los Angeles, CA A+ VH1
Lilith Fair 98 Columbus August 6, 1998 Columbus, OH A-  
Songbird ? ? A  

Natalie Merchant

Where are the 10,000 Maniacs April 13, 1996 Spepherds Bush Empire A- 2 CD
Solo Sessions Various Various A- to A+  
Lilith Fair 98 Columbus August 6, 1998 Columbus, OH A-  

Pink Floyd

Focus Sept.16, 1970 Paris Theatre, London A  
One of These Days Sept. 30, 1971 Paris Theatre, London A+ (with extra tracks from Meddler)
Pompeii Oct. 4, 1971 Pompeii A+  
Obscurity Nov 20, 1971 Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati B+ 2 CD
Live Vol. 1 March 13, 1972 Nagazhima Sports Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido Island, Japan A- I like this one a lot!
Scratch the Silence Sept. 22, 1972 Hollywood Bowl,
Los Angeles, Calif.
B+ 2 CD Coming soon!
Return of the Sons of Nothing Nov. 15, 1972 Boeblingen B+  
Black Holes in the Sky Nov 15, 1974 Wembly, London B+ 2 CD
Brain Damage
A Dark Night in London
Nov. 16, 1974 London A  
Random Precision June 16, 1975 Nassau Coliseum A- 2 CD
Crazy Diamonds June 18, 1975 Boston A- 2 CD
Live Vol. 2 Feb. 25, 1977 Pavillion de Paris A-  
Plays the Animals May 9, 1977 Oakland, California B+ 2 CD, Audience
Welcome to the Machine July 2, 1977 New York A  
Livewall June 17, 1981 Earl's Court, London B+ 2 CD
The Film 1982   A Unreleased versions from The Wall
A Clear View Sept. 28, 1987 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago A  
The Live Bell March 30, 1994 Miami, FL A- 2 CD
Live at Earl's Court Oct. 20, 1994 London A 2 CD, Soundboard
Total Eclipse Various Various Varies Well known bootleg boxset retrospective (4 CD)
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1 Various Various B+ Coming soon!

Police (links to Stinchronicity)

Live USA April 7, 1979 Boston, Massachusetts A- Audience
Reunion Concert 1986 June 15, 1986 Meadowlands, New Jersey A-  
Live in Italy 1980 April 2, 1980 Milan, Palalido    
Many Miles Away August 2, 1983 Montreal    

Sting (links to Stinchronicity)

It's Probably Me April 19, 1993 London A- 2 CD, Audience
They Dance Alone May 7, 1988 Verona, Italy A+ Soundboard
Ain't No Sunshine May 23, 1991 Milan, L'Arena Civica A- Audience
Covering 'Em Various Various A Compilation of covers
Complete Chicago Sessions April 8, 1990
Chicago A Soundboard
Midnight at Noon April 20, 1991
March 1991
Wallsend, Chicago A Soundboard
Sting & Gil Evans: Last Session July 11, 1987 Perugia Jazz Festival A- Very jazzy, from LP?
Happy Birthday Sting October 2, 1991
Hollywood Bowl, L. A.
MTV Unplugged
A 2 CD
The George Amphitheater Sept. 10, 1996 George, Washington B+ 2 CD
Walk in Field of Gold August 21, 1993 Radrennbahn, Hildesheim, Germany A 2 CD
Dreaming of U February 19, 1994
June 12, 1991
Civic Center, Pensacola, FL
Barcelona, Spain
A- 2 CD
My Senses June 8th, 1996 Fleadh in Finsbury Park, London    
Art of the Heart July 27, 1988 Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles   3 CD
An Englishman in Paradiso March 9, 1996 Paradiso Club, Amsterdam   2 CD
Arigato October 31, 1994
February 26, 1992
Miyazaki, Japan
Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey
Union is Strength April 5, 1996
February 15, 1996
April 11, 1996
Paris, France
London, UK
A TV Show "Taratata"
BBC Radio One Show
David Letterman Show
Meadowlands of Gold Feb. 26, 1994 East Rutherford, New Jersey    
Purple Haze October 2, 1991 Hollywood Bowl, L. A.    
Un Abrazo A La Esperanza   Santiago de Chile    
All Thease Time   Unplugged Rehersals and Performance   2 CD

Talking Heads

Memories Can't Wait August 24, 1979 Berklee Center, Boston A- some diginoise
Nature's Way 1984 Milwaukee A?  
Take Me To Boston 1977
November 3, 1979
Agora Ballroom, Cleveland
Greek Theatre L.A. 1984 Los Angeles A?  
The Big Country March 15, 1979
Los Angeles

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stilleto Rain June 19,1985 Red Rocks, Denver, CO A  
See You Later (w/ Buddy Guy) July 30, 1989
July 23, 1983
Legends Club, Chicago
New York City
  Nov. 28, 1989
Nov. 29, 1989
Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM
McNichols Arena, Denver
Force of Nature Oct. 14, 1981 Fitzgerald's Club, Houston, TX   2 CD
In Italy July 3, 1988 Pistoia Blues Festival, Pistoia, Italy    
Hawk on Fire July 11, 1983 El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada    

Suzanna Vega

Little Big Women June 8, 1987;
October 13, 1985
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco;
The Loft, Berlin
Short But Sweet February 17, 1993 Coach House, San Juan Capistano, CA A+  
Museum of Western Heritage October 19, 1996 Los Angeles A Radio show
100 Fahrenheit in Montreux May 18, 1993 Montreux A+  

Roger Waters

Goodbye, Mr. Pink Floyd Nov. 7, 1987 Quebec A+  

The Who

Pure Rock Theatre 1969, 1970 USA, UK A-  


Grading Scale

A+: Excellent quality. Minimal tape hiss. Crystal Clear.
A: Nearly as good as Excellent, but not quite perfect.
A-: Minimal hiss and some minor flaws.
B+: Some hiss, people singing, show hard to hear.
B: Considerable hiss and/or people talking/singing.
B-: Only for the true collector. It's hard to hear and pretty bad overall.

(adapted from FAQ)

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