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Right now, I'm trying to trade only CDRs. This is all the info I can think to include right now. More may need to be added as I start doing more trading.

CDR Trades / 2-for-1's / DAT Trades / Analog Trades

CDR Trades

For CDR trading, trades are disk for disk. For a two disk show, I'll ask for two disks in return (whether it's for two seperate shows or not) and vice versa. I'm not picky about the media color or brand. However, if whatever brand/color you choose to send me isn't compatible with my equipment I expect you to replace it. I will of course do the same. If you feel the need to specify a certain color, I can oblige.

My CDR equipment includes a Ricoh 1420c, which I've found to be extremely reliable and compatible with any form of media. For digital audio extraction, I use a Plextor 12x/20x. I would recommend that anyone doing audio CDR trading do the same. They are unquestionably the best at DAE (the entire Plextor line that is). I've found that 4x DAE speed is the most reliable for DAE. 8x or 12x works on most disks, but I figure it's better to be safe then sorry (and find out after sending the disk that there are jitter problems).

I try to listen to most of the CDs before sending them out, but I can't always listen to the entire CD. As I said, though, I will certainly replace any bad burns.


I'm afraid I'm no longer accepting 2-for-1 trades. Sorry.

DAT Trades

I will trade my CDRs for your DATs in some cases. I don't have a DAT player myself, but I do have the means to get them put onto CDR. Primarily for Sarah McLachlan, Sting, or Peter Gabriel. Please e-mail me if you're interested.

Analog Trades

I'm really not intersted in analog tape trading except maybe in the case of Sarah McLachlan if it is of excellent quality.

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