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GiVi Price Lists

This page supplements the catalog that Bob Ebert was kind enough to put on the web at http//

These scans are taken from the GiVi Application Chart. The prices listed are suggested retail prices. GiVi has informed me that all parts must be ordered through a dealer.

Monokey Range - This includes the E50 Maxia, E460, E45, E360, and E36 bags. The E35 Traffic 2 had not yet been added to this price list.

Custom Range - These are designed for cruisers so they will probably not be of too much interest to the GPZ crowd, but I've included them to be complete. They aren't shown in the catalog itself.

Mounting Hardware - Gives the price ranges for the various mounting options for GiVi luggage.

Topcase Options - Backrests and toprack price ranges.