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The cheap sofa is sold at Rhode's Furniture. It's made by an Italian company called Softline Leather. It should also be pointed out that the construction is also not as good at the other sofa. It actually has a webbing made by Pirelli as opposed to the sinuous wire no-sag springs found on intermediate quality sofas. The sofa comes in two colors--ivory and hunter. Pictures of the sofas are here:

Newspaper ad showing ivory set

Blow-up of hunter sofa (color not too acurate)

Prices and dimensions for the pieces are

  Regular Price Sale Price LxHxD
Sofa $699 $599 87"x34"x39"
Loveseat $679 $579 67"x34"x39"
Ottoman $249 $199 24"x24"x26"
Chair $399 $379 46"x34"x39"
Sofa, Loveseat, and Chair $1699 $1399  

These pieces come with a one year warranty. To extend the warranty to five years for the three piece set costs $125. The seat height on these by the way are about 17"-18".


The expensive sofa is made by Flexsteel. They are known for their "Flexsteel" frames. Info on the workmanship can be found here. Here's a scan of a photocopy of the catalog showing the expensive sofa style. Its got a bit more classic styling, though its got very comfy, sort of pancakey pillows. The expensive sofa was $1679 with the leather we like the most (it could get down around $1400 with their cheapest leather). Its dimensions are 92"x34"x40" (LxHxD). Other miscellaneous dimensions are seat depth--20", seat width--62", seat height--19", and arm height--25". This sofa has a lifetime warranty on the frame, leather construction, and cushions.


Both sofas are the same height at 34". The back on the expensive one is a bit shorter since its seat height is a bit higher than the cheap one.

By the way, I talked to the sales woman at the Flexsteel dealer. She said they basically never have problems getting sofas into houses (generally people know they have a problem before they buy a sofa). Indeed, often the little legs on the bottoms of sofas screw off, which chops a couple of inches off the height (I wonder if one could make new legs with an extra inch or two if you decided your wanted a slightly taller sofa). That along with the smashing of the pillows on top generally get it through most doorways without a problem.